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i never get tired of loving that the intro sample for you already know is the real intro af got for that johnathan ross appearance when win smashed the camera

♪ please stop wonderin why you feel so bad / when you already knooow ♪

'But whatever the reason, Butler has gained the reputation of a prickly and rather difficult customer. His understandable desire to avoid what he calls “the hoops” of the music industry - “all the things that have nothing to do with playing your instrument or playing together that take up a lot more energy than actually playing music and connecting with people”- has occasionally shown a tendency to look more like unappealing petulance.

It was Butler who smashed a camera with his mandolin and stormed off stage during Arcade Fire’s appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, apparently piqued because the band had to sit in the green room with the other guests while he wanted to visit a friend instead.’

Alexis Petridis, The bitter taste of success’The Guardian, 26 October 2007 

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[HQ] Arcade Fire - Rock in Roma. June 23, 2014

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Arcade Fire - Henry Miller Library, Big Sur 10/5/10.

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‘That is how we connected,’ she says. ‘I didn’t believe it at first. He said, “Oh, I play a little guitar, a little piano…” I thought, “Yeah, like everybody does.” But then he played me a few songs. I am so deeply, deeply into music and I had met someone else who was.’ She gasps, lost for words. ‘So it was kind of special.’

'If there’s a nice day where nobody bothers us and the phone doesn’t ring too much, we write a song. Every time,’ she beams.

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when u at a concert & ur favorite band member looks u in the eye


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For Chassagne, Murphy’s role was to help realise the great dance record she believed the album could be. “I really wanted to get the right feel to the songs and be able to dance, really dance to them,” she says, suddenly lit up. She talks passionately about dancing in Haiti: “When Win and I were staying in this place that had windows but no real doors and some drummers started playing, and more drummers came and more drummers came, and they were playing these roots, voodoo rhythms, and we just danced til 5am, and when we were too hot, we just ran and jumped in the ocean.”

Arcade Fire: Voodoo rhythms, dance music and David Bowie — The Guardian [x]

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they danced together and “ran and jumped into the ocean”, let that sink in

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Win Butler, Arcade Fire
Melbourne 2014

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