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Donatella Versace and Jennifer Lopez, 1999

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soysaucing they go on sale at noon right??? I set an alarm

im so cold i LOVE IT

ok pce once andd for all tonight

word jessica

Anonymous asked: !! Girl if you love tampons but mention that stuff about pads being better y not get a cup because they're like better in every way not stinky + good for environment + they don't leave fibres and also I think bcos of the blood being held in a separate container also less TSS risk all round good plan rly.

dude yeah i rly should, i just never really stray with cosmetics. I rly should though i would save SO much money and eco shit yrah thank u fo reminding me anon

before i leave

i wanna know french chat speak or like internet culture dialect like that is the dream that is the goal alrighty bye

netflix is finally working again for me so byeee friends

wow that would be the worst thing ever for me i cant even sleep already i hate drug but i love them but theyre fucked and i hat e them


once i get my breast reduction im never wearing a bra again



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still life, hospital

shanghai, 30/1/2014

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I’ve need so sad lately but that’s like so fuckkn lame like ..I needa shut the fuck up aight

i wish i had sleeping pills like the one time i took a sleeping pill i went to bed at a reasonable hour and woke up at 7am without any grief it was AMAZIN